Apple Airpods is it worth upgrading to the AirPods Pro?

AirPods Pro

According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing worldwide “AirPods are the best sales headphones in the world.” Apple estimates that sales in 2018 will be around 35 million units. Analysts estimate that they represent 60% of the global wireless headset market. Suffice it to say that they are a huge success for companies that attract huge success every few years.

It’s not hard to see why they showcase the ease of use, the best Apple product emblem. When paired with an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, they connect instantly to the Apple-W2 chip. They easily fall into your ears. And when batteries don’t last all day, they come with small, smart cases that allow you to extend your use time more than twice.

While AirPods is a huge success for Apple, they are not perfect. Like their wired brothers, the headphones, the noise they produce is not as high as any competitor’s. The low-end bass is gone and the treble really doesn’t shine. And if you live in a noisy city like New York, they become less effective as city sounds enter your music or podcast.

This is why Apple Surprise launches AirPods Pro: the original remix aimed at addressing many of its shortcomings. At $ 249, about $ 100 more than the regular AirPod, the question for almost everyone is: are they worth the money? After using it for 48 hours, I sold it.

The main feature of AirPods Pro is the “Active noise cancellation” mode, which, as the name implies, prevents external sound. It uses a combination of hardware and software features to actively detect and eliminate unwanted sounds before they reach your ears. However, all you need to know is that it is A1. Walking around New York is a completely different experience from the Inn. Even without playing music, you can sit on the train full of tranquility.

The second most important thing to know about AirPods Pro is that you can now customize the settings. The new smaller design and silicone tips that come with AirPods Pro look and feel better. Big, medium and small ear tips come into the box to ensure that you can create the best seal without it, which makes the sound more difficult to cancel. Now, when they are in your ears, they are not moving. And with the new “transparency mode”, you won’t have to release AirPod Pro to hear what’s going on around you. This lets you hear outside sounds while your music is playing or on call. You can talk to people, ask for food and be more aware of your surroundings, while all you want is to embrace it.

“Improved sound quality with equalization” is no joke. Listen to music better. The call is clear. AirPods Pro offers a deeper listening experience compared to older AirPods. You can feel the bass in the future of “Codeine Crazy” (which recently came to streaming service). Summer Walker’s “Fun Girl” looks great. With the older AirPod, I always increase the volume or maximize it. AirPods Pro sounds very low in volume.

The wireless charging case is wider but smaller and just slightly larger than the previous case. We don’t have the time, but from my experience, a few minutes of charging gives you a few hours. All in all, AirPods Pro is comfortable and I love the elegant look. Inactive noise cancellation mode, the battery life is shorter than the older AirPods. And when 4.5 hours is too long, I find myself charging more frequently, which is annoying. But just because of the noise cancellation, can they be worth it.

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