Apple Keeps Losing Legal Battles || To An Italian Company “Steve Jobs” ||

When the two brothers of Naples decided to stop designing fashion for other companies and started their own brand, they went hunting for a note-grabbing name, found that “Steve Jobs” was not a trademark and Decided on that. Now, a long legal battle has ended, and they have enough to use the name of Apple founder.[wp_ad_camp_3]

About five years later, two people have won the final legal battle against Apple, earned the right to call their clothing company “Steve Jobs” – the founder of Apple’s prestigious late, According to La Republican Napoli, brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbate have been fighting with Apple for the use of job names since 2012.

The two brothers, who were already in the process of starting their own clothes and subsidiary, saw that Apple never trademarked ‘Jobs’. Apple sued the brothers on the trademark.

La Republican Napoli said that the veterans of the technique could have attacked Steve Jobs, especially in the brothers by attacking the brothers, which is a stylish letter “J”, which has been cut out of favour and a very “Apple-ask “topped the leaf.   [wp_ad_camp_4]

“The court ruled that the letter ‘J’ is not food and therefore the sole one’s own logo of the Apple could not be sharpened and the trademark was retained,” said the News Portal, The pair will sell bags, T-shirts, jeans and other fashion accessories under the “Steve Jobs” brand, In an interview with Business Insider Italia, the brothers said that the goal of the “Steve Jobs” brand is to eventually sell electronics

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