Black Desert Online officially launches on Xbox One Platform

The Korean MMORPG Black Desert Online, which is known for its amazing scenery and unique war, has finally arrived in Xbox One. The game is available in four volumes, the cheapest is currently set at $ 9.99 and the most expensive is $ 99.99.
Pearl Abyss’ philosophy has finally reached the Xbox One after the four years of specialty on the Black Desert PC. The launch has come after two open beta tests, which attracted more than 300,000 players.

Black Desert Online launches with four available versions – Base Games, Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Edition. As the name suggests, the Base Game version will give you access to the game without any shiny additions. This is clearly the cheapest version and its price is $ 9.99.

Black Desert Online officially launches on Xbox One Platform

Standard Edition will cost you $ 29.99 and includes Snow Wolfdog Pet, 30-day Value Pack, which gives you additional inventory and storage slots and 30 percent experience. On top of it, you get a Pearl box with 500 pearls, which can be used to buy costumes, furniture, outfits and mounts.

If you are ready to spend even more on the Korean MMORPG, the deluxe version is available at $ 49.99 and includes everything from the standard version, plus a little extra. For an extra $ 20 you will get a random Tier 3 horse and calfon chargers horse gear set.

And finally, the costliest one- Ultimate Edition is worth $ 99.99 and everything from Deluxe Edition is up, Belle Epock Wagon Set, Caltein Outfitt, Juncat Cat Pet, Permanent Horse Flute, Thirty 3-Type XP XP and One The storage maid included. .

To celebrate the release, Pearl Abys also disclosed the roadmap for the first part of 2019. According to the notes, players can expect four new sections, new world owners and three new areas – Valencia, Media and Camasilvia.

At the top of it, the developers will increase the level cap, add new skills and nodes and siege wars. Pearl Abis planned to release this material before July 2019.

For people unfamiliar with Black Desert Online, many consider it one of the best-looking MMORPGs currently available. The game also includes a unique battle system, which requires manual aims, spontaneous world and massive siege of the castle. However, many of these clean features are oversized by the game’s progressing system, which some players consider as a pay to win.


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