Google Offers New Mobile Story Tech to Publishers || Future Of The Web Is . . . Email


Google has prepared a developer preview of its new AMP story format on Tuesday, which is designed to give content publishers an easy way to give news and information on visually rich, tap-through stories on mobile devices.

Jumping speed barrier

Fast loading pages can change the behavior of surfers on the mobile web, Sonobi supply vice president Matthew Papa has suggested

He said, “Google AMP can support a content-raising approach which is the most mobile consumer because it greatly reduces the load time of the content, where most consumers leave the opportunity to see it,” he said, told.

Absence of advertisement

In order to make content creation easier in AMP stories, a pre-defined but flexible layout template, standardized UI control, and components to add follow-up content in the format are included.

consumer engagement

Another potential benefit to publishers is a strong consumer connection with the new format

“AMP stories are intended to create more consumer engagement,” LSA Stirling told TechNewsWorld “Depending on how well publishers use the format, it can do this.”

Contrast with Facebook

Google’s approach to working with publishers is clearly contradictory with Facebook.

“The AMP was created to support the publisher and its content, ensuring the AMP is hosted with the formatting and speed on the publisher’s site,” Papa said.


The last time you lost on your smartphone? Because, for me, it was in the morning only, whether, on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, I have to do some such tapes that I get stuck on a web page within an app, and I’m scratching my head I’m waiting, I’m not just on the web? What is the app I doing again?

Google is now taking the aim of this problem, along with a new initiative called AMP for email. Instead of kicking an in-app browser or an external app instead of an email from Pinterest, as soon as you tap one of your links, a new AMP-enhanced Pinterest email is web, you can add content to your heart’s content Pin it, inside the email window. With AMP for email, you never have to leave a message to browse the web content

How does Google close it? This email is allowing developers to include their Quick Mobile Page (AMP) standard. You probably already use AMP without realizing it, in fact, Google caches many publisher websites so that they can load faster – which means that we consume a lot of news on daily basis, which often amp (In fact, AMP now sends more traffic to publishers than Facebook.) But there is a catch: for now, Gmail is the only email client Which supports imagination. However, this is an open standard, so any other email app is also free- to use.

Generally writing about the standard stuff of this kind of interiors baseball is not writeable, but for the email, the AMP comes in special time.
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram’s opaque algorithms can propagate content sharing (i.e., without payment), as a difficult case, especially as a publisher, you may have an important part of the news to read in the world, but Unless you pay for promoting it, you are just hoping that the right people will see the story and share it on social media


This trend has created humble email newsletters a flexible tool for publishers and advertisers alike. E-mail – Really, except for the annoying spam, of course – getting your eyes on the clearance deal for Gap jeans is still important, with such fascinating stories.
In an uncertain digital world, global adoption of good old emails keeps growing year by year at a steady rate-possibly because this random feeling is very personal and predictable in the age of social news feeds. People just like email, even if we sometimes complain about it. It has the highest ROI in its digital marketing

But as I mentioned before, apps, websites, and emails do not mix well on smartphone-whether we are talking to iOS or Android.
While linking from one app to another, it is entirely possible, we opt for most apps in (they are likely to maintain their overall empowerment, but it is also generally fast).
This trend has led us to a weird time when the entire metaphor of an app on your phone is shattered for every purpose.
Your primary web browser app is secondary to browsing the web within Gmail or Facebook’s containers.
As a result, how your mental build is built, and it’s incredibly easy to get lost on your phone.


I’m not sure that AMP email will fix this problem, but this is a start. Rather than sending the user back from the email on the web, the email is only becoming web – a deep, browsable unit rather than a shallow promotional mask And with more clear information available at our fingertips, I am betting it is a type of update that is better for users, publishers and promoters.


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