‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ (GTA6) Release Date Rumors: Game’s Fate Still Unknown as Talks Remain at ‘GTA 5’ Single-Player Possibilities

Despite no confirmation about “GTA6” (“Grand Theft Auto 6”) from Rockstar Games, there is already a lot of discussion about the sequel to the “GTA 5” announcement so far.

With the huge success of the current instalment (after its initial release, the racking continues in sales for four years), fans believe that a new way should be on the way. Even Rockstar has indicated in the last few years that he was already throwing ideas for the next entry in the franchise.


Although some fans are worried about the fate of “GTA 6”, because Rockstar focuses on “GTA 5”, especially online components, which receive regular updates and new content.


In fact, rather than a new “GTA” installment, most of the studio’s interactions with the franchise revolve around the possibility of continuing single-player content for “GTA 5”.

There is something that Rockstar designer Imran Sarwar recently said in an interview with Game Informer that instead of “GTA 6” a player component can be released for the current title.


For now, the expectation of “GTA 6” will be bigger in every case than its predecessor, which means that large map detection and better gameplay

As Sarwar also mentioned above, developers need to collect a complex game all the time, which will explain the major release delay in most of their time. It goes without saying that “GTA” comes in that category.

Doomsday Heists offers some new co-op content that are not only fun, they also offer new ways to make more in-game money. Now doing all the work in the game and dividing the cash equally, players get around $ 1.4 million, for the first time, you do not calculate the earned bonus cash for hard work or to eliminate the workers.


I am also impressed that for four years at the age of GTA Online, Rockstar is still pulling bigger guns for things to create new content for GTA Online. It is wild to think that the game is still alive, and in the future the pipeline is getting more material – but hopefully it does not keep the balloon in prices.

Most of the time in our time is currently dedicated to “Red Dead Redemption 2”, previous reports suggested that they started working on “GTA 6” last year and it may be some time before the daylight People think that it can be released for a new generation console, if not at the peak of infection.

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