How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Soldiers During a War or Combat?

An ARL researcher Dr. Rajagopal Kannan said that this technique could eventually become part of a package of embedded resources on another generation war automobile, which provides cognitive solutions and tools for naturalists in the expanded coalition environment. Technology for the War of the Generation is one of those six Army Modernization priorities which the laboratory is currently pursuing.

The new technique enables US troops to search for 13 times faster than conventional techniques, and the Army researchers said it could save lives. Kannan cooperates with a group of investigators at the University of Southern California, in particular, Prof.
Victor Prasanna and students of Information Science and Structure Laboratory on this job. Max and USC and ARL are working to increase learning software on the contrasting hardware West Coast Open Campus Enterprise.

Kannan also said that methods from newspapers could be part of this tool-chain for jobs. As an example, where he is an integral researcher, a new processing job started, which can use these capabilities.
The technology was new which was new. Consumption charted 13.8 watts, unlike 130 watts, its multi-core, and 235G for GPU platforms, which makes it a potentially helpful part of adaptive, lightweight computing system.

Kannan said that he is currently working on ways of developing methods for speeding up algorithms which were affordable by designing AI / ML advanced hardware. In the US Army Research Laboratory, scientists are spearheading the learning process with limited resources.
This is the ability of soldiers to assist decode signals, which deploy rapidly and faster solutions to explosive devices, or areas of war zones from danger areas.

This job is part of Army’s focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research Initiative, which chases to assist in achieving strategic advantage and ensures that warship excellence with software such as computing and adaptive processing ensure the excellence.

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