Huawei P30 – Full phone specifications

A senior Huawei official confirmed one of the company’s leading selling points of the official P30 lineup, which was officially unveiled at the end of this month.

Touching the next pair of company’s high end handset in a recent interview, Huawei Global Product Marketing VP Clement Wong directly said that the P30 series “Super-Zoom capabilities” and many other industries offered “Periscope” industry veterans Will launch the camera for There are many other details on this matter, to confirm the hoarding, to continue to see the saved mobile photography as an important aspect of your Android flagship and to continuously invest you from the R & D department ahead of it. will see.

Last year’s P20 range has already introduced some phenomenal camera technology with Leo, in which Huawei has placed himself at the top of the mobile photography race on the first occasion. After the release of Mate 20, no one has snatched that title yet, and even Samsung has not been able to do this surprisingly with its Galaxy S10 range earlier this month, There was also a deep-sensitive solution with four rear cameras.

The P20 family offered 3x optical zoom and 5x hybrid magnification, with the set of series at least those figures are expected to succeed. The 10x Harmless Zoom has been a subject of many rumors already in recent months, but it is not clear how Huawei will achieve such an achievement. Like a periscope, telephoto lenses will definitely help, but all previous leaks in the P30 range have suggested that incoming Android flagships are not particularly heavy, although some 10x optical enhancements are offered for the camera bump.

Huawei had previously claimed the P-30 line or at least P30 Pro would be able to capture the surface of the Moon with no additional help or gimmicks. In addition to better low-range performance, a mechanical zoom system will probably help make any smartphone more versatile in different types of scenarios, and the Chinese firm has repeatedly indicated that it is specially designed for low-light performance. Is designed. Focusing is still the weakest point of modern mobile photography. Set-up.

The P30 series, which will include at least two Android flagships, and possibly a third Porsche-branded device will be unveiled on March 26, Huawei is now returning to Paris for his second consecutive ritual ceremony in Paris. Several months ago, many independent industry watchers had claimed that by 2018, Huawei would be the second largest handset seller in the world, both by sales and shipments. Apart from the direct target of Samsung, the company has nothing left. After harassing South Korean electronics giants in the camera department, breaking the dominance of their years, it has already advanced into the Artificial Intelligence Segment and even made it suit some quality life features. Forced to obey – this is wireless charging, a functionality of the Galaxy S10 which was first started on MAT 2o Pro last year.
Until the P30 line is unveiled, the Galaxy S10 range will remain in the market for three weeks and another appears to be that there is a continuous burden of hurdles for Huawei, the Opposition is seeing its business ambition from the West. Where many new lawsuits are on the horizon.

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