James P. Alison, Tasuku Honjo won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for Cancer Research or discovery

Two immunologists have won prizes for the discovery of a cancer treatment ‘Defense Checkpoint Therapy‘.
In 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly James P. Ellison and Tasuku Hojo have been honored by the Nobel Committee of Karolinska Institute.

U.S. And two immunologists, respectively, from Japan – were awarded “awards” for the discovery of cancer therapy with the inhibition of negative immune regulation.

A statement from the Academy said, “Cancer kills millions of people every year and is one of the greatest health challenges of humanity. This year Nobel prize winners have established a completely new theory for cancer therapy.”

Handling the official Nobel Prize “James P. Ellison studied a protein that studies a protein that studies a protein, which is done by two medicines, the search for the Laureates immune cells, by releasing a break on immune cells. Takes advantage of the system’s ability. ” Immune System. He feels the ability to release our immune cells to release the brakes and to attack the tumor. He developed the concept in a new approach to the treatment of patients. Tasuku Honjo discovered a protein on the immune cells and found that it also works as a brake, but with a different mechanism of action. On the basis of their discovery, the treatment proved to be successful against the fight, “the statement said.


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