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NVIDIA GTX 11 Series: Everything We Know So Far About GTX 1180, GTX 1180 Ti

Cryptocurrency drop-off has undoubtedly made some impact on the GPU market. It is not really taking anything other than gaming in favor of all consumers. Well, this may be the right time for all those people who have the chance to upgrade their GP. The price of New Graphics CardsGTX 1080 is below the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) in the UK. Therefore, this may be the right time to upgrade your gaming rig.

As there is something new, there is no reason to not expect the GTX 11 series to come up with performance and speed improvements. According to Wccftech sources, the new GTX series will be powered by a GPU named GTU 4, with a total of 3584 CUDA cores, 256-bit GDDR 6 memory interface and 8-16 GB GDDR 6 memory with speed running at 16 Gbps. Will happen.

If this alleged specification is proved, then at the time of display, The New Graphics Card GTX 11 roster will be applied to the existing GTX 10 lineup. Nvidia GTX 11 lineup will acquire a memory bandwidth of GTX 1080 320 GB / S and GTX 1080 Ti 484 GB / S to 512 GB/s. gtx 1070 ti graphics card

In principle, when the card is extended, the standard speed of 1.6GHz and can run up to 1.8 GHz. Thermal design power-wise, it will be anywhere between 170-200W. Although it is trustworthy, it is still to be seen that this will actually be the final output of the GTX 11 series. We urge our readers to take these new developments with a pinch of salt until NVIDIA confirms themselves.

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High-end GPUs make a lot of difference in the world of gaming because we all try to keep one of them easier to play games than ever before. This is an essential asset in which a gaming PC should also be. After listing on Amazon UK, we found that different manufacturers offer prices below MSRP. Gigabyte and zottack, that is, get the cheapest prices that can be tailored to your needs.

Everyone is waiting for this moment. Despite these periodic changes, despite the current pricing, the MSRP should come down in the US too. It is expected that the price of the GPU will be reduced even as cryptocurrency mining is losing its effectiveness, or it is becoming less popular. Ultimately, since the GPU, Gamers can breathe easily, especially GTX 1080s are coming at a more comfortable price than before.


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