Samsung Gifts Limited Edition Galaxy Note 8 To All PyeongChang 2018

Samsung is celebrating the 2018 Winter Olympics with a themed smartphone
Over 4,000 Prong Chang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition will be given to the Galaxy Note 8 handsets athletes and staff.
Special edition tools include “bold new features” (based-low 6.3-inch infinity display, enhanced S Pen, dual camera) but more importantly, to celebrate the winter theme, a white back and a memorial flame The inspired gold claims Olympic rings.

“During our 20-year legacy as an Olympic participant, with our support of the Olympic movement, Samsung has demonstrated our latest technological innovations and emerging experiences through the spread of the Olympic spirit and the increased connection” Yuva Lee Li, Chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, said in a statement
White glass back ‘winter theme celebrates (via Samsung Electronics)[wp_ad_camp_1] He said, “We are proud to provide a limited edition of Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games for all athletes so that they can be helped to connect, capture and share one of the most memorable moments of their life.”
This is not quite clear when Olympians can expect their new phone; Maybe Samsung will try them out
According to a press release of a company, the honors can set themed wallpapers and “pre-install” applications can be useful to help in the cultivation of “optical games”.

[wp_ad_camp_3] As part of the collaboration of the International Olympic Committee (IOG) and the Peong Ching Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG), limited-edition devices will also be given to the members of all the employees

More than 4,000 themed Galaxy Note will deliver 8 handsets athletes and employees (via Samsung Electronics)
“The creation of Samsung’s Olympic Games Limited edition device strengthens the shared desire of the Olympic spirit of Samsung and IOC,” said IOC president Thomas Beck. “This is due to dedicated partners like Samsung that we are in a position to provide unforgettable experiences in the Olympic Games after time.”
The 2018 Winter Olympics will be organized in Pyong Chiang, South Korea from February 9-25, it marks the country’s second Olympic Games; Seoul hosted the summer games in 1988.
Only 22 days till the opening ceremony of this year, organizers are already looking for the future, preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, where face recognition software can be used.

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