Simeone Museum Shows Off Vintage Cars At Philadelphia Auto Show

Philadelphia (CBS) – Philadelphia Auto Show is running wild for car enthusiasts and this year some features are the old race cars from the Simon Automotive Museum.
Founder of Sim Foundation Automotive Museum Dr. Fred Simone, once again, shares the collection of gems with the audience at the Philadelphia Auto Show this year.
This is the eighth year that Shimon’s cars have been displayed, and they say that when it comes to displaying different cars, then it is an integral part of keeping things fresh to keep people interested.
He said, “It is the story of telling everyone, we will rotate and we want to do something different all the time,” he said.

[wp_ad_camp_2] Simeon has chosen eight cars for this year’s show, which is the perfect example of the history of motor vehicles.
They said, “Everything is mixing in the auto show.”
All cars are prominent, but who among these cars should see this show?
“I would say that Meril’s Guilding since 1956 is a design leader, style and race,” he said. “It actually checks all the boxes

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The museum is one of the world’s most decorated collections and was recently declared the “Museum of the Year” of the International Historical Motoring Group for 2017.
The auto show runs from 4 February



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