Super black hole provides a unique baby picture

Black Hole,

Cap conveyors, fly-astronomers have discovered a super-shaped black hole that came about at the beginning of the creation.

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This is the farthest black hole ever found

Benedos said that Quasar provides a unique baby picture of the universe, when it was only 5 percent of its present age.

The team led by Carnegie Observatives Eduardo Benaco’s told the nature journal Wednesday that Black Hole is in a quasar with the Big Bang dating 690 million years.

Super black hole provides a unique baby picture of the universe

This means that the light of this science has gone on our way for more than 13 billion years.

According to Banados it would be like watching photos of a 50 year old man when he was 2 1/2 years old.

Benedos said that Quasar provides a unique baby picture of the universe, when it was only 5 percent of its present age.

He said, “This search opens an exciting new window to understand the early universe,” he said in an email from Pasadena of Casaleia.[wp_ad_camp_2]

This new, black hole in the farest Kaiser, our Sun’s mass is 800 million times.

There are huge black holes out there, but no one so far – at least among those people has been found so far.

There are deep unbelievably bright objects in the vast universe, all around them are driven by black holes consuming. This gives them the perfect candidate to uncover the mysteries of cosmic time as soon as possible.

Since the Big Bang this big black hole had more time to grow in the hearts of galaxies, which was just celebrated compared to the youth.

At the time of this latest quiz, the universe was emerging from the so-called Dark Age. The stars and galaxies were first visible, and their radiation had ionized the surrounding hydrogen gas to illuminate the universe.

Xiaohui Fan, co-author of the Storm Observatory of Arizona University, said in a statement: “The new quasars are one of the first galaxies themselves, and yet it is already largely in the form of the universe of the present time, on a large black hole Harbor. “[wp_ad_camp_3]

Banados suspects that there are more examples in this way, between 20 to 100

Despite extensive scanning, only one quasar has been found in this ultra-distant square. It beats the latest quote, which is about 60 million years of the previous record holder.

“Barbados said,” The new quaker is so bright and developed that I would be surprised if it had been cooked earlier, “said Benedos.” The universe is huge and the grass covered for the search of these very rare items It is like looking for a needle. ”

Yet, astronomers are unsure of how they will start real-time 13.8 billion years ago.

Banados and his team used the Magellan telescope of Carnegie in Chile, which was supported in Hawaii, the US Southwest and the French Alps.

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