What to expect from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference

Thousands of developers are heading towards Silicon Valley for Apple’s annual worldwide developer conference
This is the time of year where thousands of developers go to the Silicon Valley for Apple’s annual worldwide developer conference, AKA WWDC.
The five-day conference in San Jose, McNary Convention Center, California includes technical and design-focused sessions, hands-on laboratories and special programs.
Although most of the major technical companies have developer conferences, while Apple is particularly notable because of the number of developers needed by the company.

“Looking at the fact that they have 1.3 billion active devices in [Apple] … To maintain and maintain this base, you must be bottled to the platforms created on the platform to keep you on the platform, Developer Power Required To do this, “Loop Ventures’ Managing Partner Jean Munster,

What exactly is WWDC?

While Apple organizes many events every year, WWDC is always the highest estimated. It attracts thousands of developers around the world who pay $ 1,599 to participate in a five-day event. This program is open to members of the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program and tickets are available through a random selection process. The company also provides opportunities for students to participate or apply for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) organizations by applying for the WWDC 18 scholarship.

WWDC always starts with the main presentation given by Apple officials and employees and there should be no exception this year. Presenters include Tim Cook, senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi and senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, Philip Schiller. Historically, the company has used this time to make some major announcements about the future of its technologies and platforms.

After the main points, attendees can go for many sessions hosted by Apple engineers and hands-on laboratories, so that they can learn to implement the latest Apple technologies in their applications. Apart from this, there is also one consultation, guest speakers, and special programs.

What can we expect?

Last year, Apple made several major software and hardware announcements, including WatchOS 4, MacOS High Sierra, iOS 11, HomePod Smart Speaker, iPad Pro 10.5 and a new iMac Pro. While the apple keeps wrapping everything, there are predictions and rumors that consumers can expect.

“I think this is going to focus more on the piece of business software services than the hardware release seen in the past.” Daniel Aves, Chief Research Officer and Head of Technology Research, GBH Insights, told ABC News.


Because the event is devoted to developers because the most anticipated announcements revolve around the software. Apple will preview its two new main operating systems MacOS and iOS, which usually happens after the preview of Watchwows and TVOS.

Ives has predicted that iOS 12 will be a big focus on new enhancement software and new enhancements for Siri.

IVS told ABC News, “New enhancements for Siri can play in homepage enhancements, which have been a major issue for Apple and investors because they are falling well behind Amazon’s Alexa and Echo and Google in the memorial speaker War Royale. Are. ”

Munster also predicted the big news around Siri: “Perhaps the biggest thing is that we will listen to them [Apple] how to open Siri in a new domain.”

“There are some areas around the commerce or information that do not work well with Siri and they can open the circle to build those people. Think about opening Siri, makes Siri smart and new around Siri Makes business. ”

Another forecast from Munster: Apple Core ML will announce to update their artificial intelligence platform, which was announced last year so that developers can easily get an AI in their apps and get updates for ARKit, The platform for the development of advanced reality apps.

Ives said that Apple will signal on news about streaming video: “I think you would leave WWD if they know that [Apple] is going to put minimal strategies on content on video and focus more attention Whether it’s being done on streaming music or this year the apple flakes its muscles and goes after the content. Specifically, all copies of all angles Ion Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO and are spending $ 15 billion combined this year content between Facebook. ”


[amazon_link asins=’B076CG8VR2,B073QVJ6YM,B01NCE2FHK,B01NBE92TF,B01NACSQIK,B073Q5R6VR’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’phul4u09-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’f324a180-670d-11e8-a0e1-21ff954078a3′]Apple announced the launch of Air Chawar, a wireless charging mat in September 2017, but has not released the product yet, it has been estimated that it can be launched in the WWDC 18 main note.

Ives has predicted that there is a chance that Apple will show a stealth preview of the SE2 and MacBook Pro redesign, from which it says that it will eventually be released later.

In addition to predictions surrounding Siri software, Munster said that Apple could bring Siri into a beach speaker.

Digital Wellbeing

At its annual developer conference at the beginning of this month, Google announced a new initiative called “Digital Wellbeing” to help people understand their technology usage and device habits, “focus on the most important things Disconnect it when needed and make healthy habits for the whole family. ”

Munster predicted that the Apple suit would follow.

How big is this conference for Apple?

WWDC is one of the most important events of the year’s apple. This gives insight into planning the technique giant for the coming year and teaches developers how to use their latest technology to make apps on the Apple platform.

Ives told ABC News: “This is an important developer conference and it is very important to see that [in the form of Apple Headquarters, Cupertino, [California]] and Cook, we look at the next six to 12 months.”

Ives said that technology space is more competitive than ever – this year’s WWDC makes especially important.

“The competition is coming from all angles, the industry is becoming more competitive … now this next step is going to move forward.”




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