Windows 10 build 18351 is now available for download from Microsoft The Windows 10 version 1903 RTM build

Windows 10 Build 18351 is now available for download from Windows Update, and it does not clearly bring any new features, but only here and there-there is an improvement and small refinement.

For example, Microsoft continues the gaming experience that it started some time ago, insiders were calling to download and play the State of Deck for free from the Microsoft Store.

“If you are not able to get the state free for a limited time (for a limited time), then we have provided only a few slots! Whether you have tried it in previous construction or have not yet had the opportunity, these The instructions are everything that you need. We have also made fixes to improve download and install thanks to your feedback, so please try again, if you want to Be a problem, “Principal Donna government’s Windows Insider Program said.

Windows 10 version is scheduled to be finalized on 1903
Microsoft still does not provide any details on this gaming experience, but recently, it has emerged that the company is actually testing a new system that will technically bring Xbox One games to PCs.

The same build also comes with a group of known problems, including the same fatal accident that can be triggered by anti-cheat software in some games. In addition, some creative X-Fi sound cards are still not working properly, and Microsoft says it is working with Creative to solve the problem.

You can see the full changelog in the box after leap, and the download is available from Windows Update. Windows 10 version is estimated to be finalized at the end of this month in 1903, while the public launch should be only occasionally in April.

Windows 10 Build 18351

General changes, improvements and improvements for PCs
If you have not been able to get the game state for free (for a limited time), then we have provided more slots now! Whether you have tried it in earlier construction or have not yet had the chance, in these instructions everything is what you need. We’ve also made improvements to improve download and install thanks for your feedback, so if you have a problem before, please try again.
We have fixed an issue with the recent build, as a result, the monitors may disappear from the built-in colour management app.
We have set up a list that Explorer.exe crashes for some instances when the Explorer listing was updated.
We fixed a problem that resulted in some device unexpectedly waiting for 30 seconds before the PIN was available again after a PIN was entered incorrectly on the lock screen.
We fixed an issue where the time shown on the clock in the Windows sandbox cannot match the clock outside the Windows sandbox.
We fixed some issues which resulted in emoji as a box in some XAML text areas.
We fixed a problem where the text scaling value did not continue to upgrade Win32 applications.
Due to a narrator readability reliability problem for the feature “Change how capitalized text is read”, the feature has been disabled in the 5351 build.
We fixed an issue where the mouse pointer may be white after signing in again after the colour white is white and after signing in.
Known aspects
Launching a game that uses anti-cheat software can cause a bug-check (GSOD) to be triggered.
Creative X-Fi sound cards are not working properly. We are partnering with Creative to resolve this issue.
While this flight has some night light improvements, we are continuing to investigate the issues reported at this place.
Some realistic sd card reader is not working properly. We are investigating the matter.
We are investigating reports of the Chinese version of many games that are not working.
We are investigating the issue where area settings are being reset to upgrade some insiders.
We are investigating a problem that prevents VMware from blocking and updating the Windows Inside Preview Build. Hyper-V is a viable option if you have it available.
Known Issues for Developers
If you install any recent builds from Fast Ring and switch to Slow Rings, enabling optional content like developer mode will fail. You must be in the fast ring to add/install optional content /enable/enable. This is because alternative content will only be installed on approved buildings for specific rings.


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