The world’s fastest supercomputer will be created by AMD and Cray for the US Government

The world’s fastest supercomputer will be built in America by 2021, the US Department of Energy announced today.
Machine, dub frontier, chip designer AMD and supercomputer maker Cray will be made to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. It expects to produce more than 1.5 exaflops of processing power, and it will be used for many tasks while counting advanced in areas like atom and climate research.
“The Frontier’s record-breaking performance will ensure the ability to lead the world in our country’s science, which improves the life and economic prosperity of all Americans and the whole world,” Secretary Rick Perry in a press statement said. “Frontier will speed up innovation in AI by giving world-class data and computing resources to US researchers to ensure the next great inventions made in the United States.”

When manufactured, the Frontier should be the most advanced example known as “Exec Computing”. This is the next generation of computing capability, in which the processing power is measured in flops, or quintillions counting per second. One quintal is one eighteen behind zero: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

For estimating the scale of such a machine, AMD says that Frontier will have processing power like the next 160 fastest supercomputers. It will be able to handle the amazing amount of data with 24,000,000 times more bandwidth compared to the average domestic internet connection, capable of processing 100,000 HD movies in a second. It will have an equally huge footprint, in place of 7,300 square feet (equivalent to two basketball courts) and 90-mile cabling.

Credit: DOE / Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Frontier is not the only exclusive computer that America is still making. Earlier this year, the Energy Department announced a similar project: Supercomputer Arora, which is being built by Intel and Cray in Argonne National Laboratory. Aurora will probably be the first exiled supercomputer in the US, but Frontier will have more processing power.

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Although these machines do not mean that America is the world’s largest computing power, though One year ahead of the year, China is expected to make its own exclusive supercomputer and run by 2020. China is also the world leader in the quantum of supercomputing and is currently home to 227 of the world’s fastest computer (compared to 109 powered by the US). Japan and the European Union are the other main claimants.

The news for AMD is especially great, says Patrick Moorehead, semiconductor analyst at Moore Insights and Strategy. The contract is $ 600 million and the Frontier will use AMD’s EPYC CPUs score, each company is connected to four Radeon Instinct GPUs.

The world of supercomputer chips is mostly in Intel’s hands, and AMD has not supplied the processor for the world’s fastest supercomputer since 2012 when the AMD OpTrain CPU is used by ORNL’s Titan Computer on criteria ranging from 17.59 petaflops per second. Was done to push.

Moherhead told The Verge that the Energy Department chose AMD for several reasons, including the performance of its processor, and its recent successes for designing semi-custom silicon for Microsoft and Sony. “It is good for AMD’s future because it’s the technology that should be in the mainstream market after 2021,” said Moherhead.


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